about_cause-desOne of the first things a young design student learns is that “design changes the world”. It sounds cliche, but it is absolutely true. Design impacts our surroundings. It tells you to stop at a crowded intersection, or intuitively guides you through a complex interface on your shiny new smartphone. Design influences our decisions—nearly all of them. It persuades us who to vote for, what foods to buy, or even what clothes to wear. Design can have a profound impact on the world.

I enjoy my work and have fund doing it, yet when I’m blessed with an opportunity to use my gifts to further God’s kingdom, or promote some other worthy cause that can impact hundreds or thousands in a positive way, I take it very serious. There is perhaps no greater responsibility as a design professional than promoting the greater good.

My work in this sector ranges from website strategy and design, to church logo design; from outdoor signage, to concert promotions, and more.